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Unlicensed Spread Spectrum technology has grown tremendously in the last decade. We are now at the point where the majority of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are offering Wireless Services to new subscribers. You can take your laptop into many restaurants and hotels and have immediate wireless connectivity! It's a brave new world out there, folks ....

This page provides background information, tutorial material and links to a variety of Wireless ISP information / service / hardware providers. Browse these links to find out more about this rapidly changing technology.

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Basic Info
Wireless Internet Service & Hardware Providers
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Basic Info

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Wireless ISP Service & Hardware Providers

Global Directory of Wireless Internet Service Providers, from Broadband Wirelss Exchange Magazine.

Business T1, T3 & DSL Line We have one goal: to demystify, simplify, and streamline the often cumbersome challenge of pricing, purchasing and implementing bandwidth data solutions.

Wireless Internet Service's home page

Proxim Corporation -- manufacturers of Wavespan and other
ethernet speed SS radio equipment suitable for Wireless ISPs

Aerie Networks' Home Page -- The New Owners of Ricochet!

Cirronet Wireless, manufacturer of WaveBolt broadband wireless access equipment for worldwide ISPs.

YDI, purveyors of high speed, license free internet & wireless LAN (WLAN) systems

GoAmerica Wireless Internet Services, wireless e-mail and internet for corporations and mobile professionals across multiple data networks using standard web browsers.

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