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RF Safety is a big concern in the Wireless / Electronics Industry. This page is intended to help you understand the basic theory of RF Safety, check your designs for RF Safety, analyze and determine trade-offs for different RF Safety levels, and review existing standards and guidelines -- in general, to expose you to the major issues in RF Safety. Please explore the links and topics below to gain a more complete understanding of this important subject!

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RF Safety Regulations & Standards
RF Safety Calculator
RF Safety Software
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RF Safety Background

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RF Safety Regulations and Standards

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RF Safety Calculators

Click Here to Run The RF Safety Calculator
Click Here to Run the Amateur Radio RF Safety Calculator

sponsored by UTARC (the University of Texas Amateur Radio Club)

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RF Safety & Related Software

  • A Freeware RF-exposure calculator program in Basic. The RFSAFETY program was written by Wayne Overbeck, N6NB, and featured in the January, 1997 issue of CQ VHF, pg. 33.

    • RFSAFETY.BAS - Basic source code. This link takes you to Wayne's RF Safety page, where you can download the program through a link at the bottom of the page.

  • Download (458K). This program, titled " FM Model for Windowsis", is a tool for predicting ground level power density from FM antenna systems. The equation model was originally developed by the EPA.

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Other RF Safety Resources

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