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Web Site Design & HTML Stuff

Welcome to our Web Site Design Resource Page! This page is intended to provide links to internet resources for custom web site design and to help you quickly locate just exactly the information or help you need. Some of these (particularly the graphic resources) are ones we use in designing and managing SSS Online. Any that we have personal (positive!) experience with are indicated with a star. If we used 'em and didn't like 'em, we take off the listing.
Contents of This Page

Web Site Design Resources
Recommended Books


Web Site Design Resources

  Website Designers

  • Blue Star Prince Virtual Communications — A top-notch site designer, plain or fancy. This is the company that did the original design on our Pegasus Technologies website, and has provided us tremendous support for SSS Online.

  • Rich's Web Design — Custom web design and development services in NC with professional site upgrades, search engine optimization and clean graphic design.

  Domain Name Registration/Website Hosting

  • Blue Star Doteasy — Domain names and webhosting, with no-ad free websites for small sites that register with them. (We have used this registry for some of our other website work and have found them to be reliable, with some nifty features like free guestbooks)
  • Blue Star Dotster — Domain names and webhosting, with more than 1,000,000 domains registered. (This is the registry we use at SSS Online for our various domain names, and we have also used their webhosting service)
  • Best Domain Name Registration Services — The best domain registrar with top domain name registration and web hosting services. Also provides bulk registration and email forwarding services.
  • Lucky Register — Cheap Domain Name Registration, Expired Domain Names, Domain Backorder.
  • Cheap Domain Name Registration — Domain registration from $7.95 and web hosting from $6.95. We also offer affordable email & website promotion among many other services. 24 / 7 phone support, give us a try! Call today 480-505-6425.
  • New Domains & Domain Name Search — New domains starting at $8.95 & web hosting from $4.95. Your one stop shop for all your domain & site promotion needs. 24 hour support to get you started and answer any questions!
  HTML Editors

  • Blue Star Macromedia (Allaire) Homesite — This is the HTML editor we use for SSS Mag. Great program for developing pure HTML. Outstanding performance coupled with an attractive and intuitive interface. Alas, they don't make this anymore. Hang onto your copy if you have one!
  • Web Developers Virtual Library — Software downloads and reviews of a variety of text editors, web graphics tools, and upload software
  • WebDeveloper.Com — lengthy list of HTML Editors
  • C-Net Downloads — HTML editors available for download
  Web Design Information
  Graphics Packages
  Graphics Resources
  Search Engine Optimization
Caveat Emptor! Many website optimization services offer a valuable service, but there are quite a few out there that engage in spamming, free-for-all links which are essentially useless, and other questionable practices. Research any website optimization service you are considering VERY CLOSELY, ask for references, and TALK with the references about their experiences. Also, be sure to check the Google and Alexa ratings of the sites. Please be aware that we DO NOT use website optimization services ourselves, and can offer no insight on any of the optimization companies listed below.
Tools and Web Design Newsletters

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Reference Books on Web Design Available for Purchase

Click on a Title Below for a Direct Link to Purchase

Buy This Book
Web Design in a Nutshell, by Jennifer Niederst. Paperback - 640 pages 2nd edition (October 15, 2001). Our Price: Click for Price

Buy This Book
HTML 4 for the World Wide Web: Visual Quickstart Guide, by Elizabeth Castro. Paperback - 384 pages 4th edition (January 15, 2000). Our Price: Click for Price
Buy This Book
HTML & XHTML : The Definitive Guide, by Chuck Musciano, Bill Kennedy. Paperback - 660 pages 4th edition (August 2000). Our Price: Click for Price

Buy This Book
JavaScript Definitive Guide, by David Flanagan. Paperback - 776 pages 3rd edition (July 15, 1998). Our Price: Click for Price
Buy This Book
Hotwired Style: Principles for Building Smart Web Sites, by Jeffrey Veen. Paperback - 288 pages (September 1997). Our Price: Click for Price

Buy This Book
The Non-Designer's Design Book, by Robin Williams. Paperback - 144 pages (January 15, 1994). Our Price: Click for Price
Buy This Book
The Non-Designer's Type Book : Insights and Techniques for Creating Professional-Level Type , by Robin Williams, Nancy Davis (Editor). Paperback - 240 pages (July 1998). Our Price: Click for Price

Buy This Book
The Non-Designer's Web Book, by Robin Williams, John Tollett. Paperback - 320 pages 2nd edition (September 8, 2000). Our Price: Click for Price

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