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Pegasus Technologies' Clients

The following list of some of our clients illustrates the depth of services and types of companies we have served:
  • Search Systems Incorporated designs and manufactures technical search, surveillance, and inspection systems. Their video/audio systems are used around the world by search and rescue teams, law enforcement/military tactical teams, customs inspection teams, and industrial inspection personnel.

  • Palmer-Wahl Instrumentation Group is one of the oldest and most respected firms in the US providing a variety of industrial temperature, pressure, and humidity measurement devices.

  • Digital Monitoring Products, Inc. American manufacturer of advanced security and fire alarm products.

  • Siemens Medical Solutions, Inc. Developer & manufacturer of PET Scanners and other medical imaging equipment.

  • Elkhart Brass Manufacturing Company, Inc. Since 1902, Elkhart Brass has been one of the leading names in firefighting equipment.

  • AudioTechnica, dedicated to advancing the art and technology of electro-acoustic design and manufacturing.

  • Robertshaw Industrial Products. Robertshaw's products are used worldwide across a broad range of industries and include level controls, vibration monitors and switches, controllers, control valves, and self-actuated regulators.

  • STG Aerospace, LTD,a British company which is the world's leading provider of photoluminescent aircraft evacuation safety lights.

  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Operated by the University of Tennessee in cooperation with Batelle for the United States Department of Energy, ORNL is one of the nation's premier research institutes.

  • The Mayo Foundation. A charitable, not-for-profit corporation based in Rochester, Minnesota, Mayo's mission is to provide the highest quality, compassionate care at a reasonable cost through a physician-led team of diverse people working together in a clinical practice, education and research in a unified multi-campus system.

  • Petsafe (Radio Systems Corporation). Petsafe develops and manufactures pet training products and safe invisible radio fencing systems.

  • Emerson Process Management / CSI — Offering maintenance optimization, predictive maintenance strategies, and RBM technologies.

  • Advanced Vision Technologies, LTD. AVT is dedicated to bringing the printing industry to a level of automation that other industry segments, including pre-press, have been enjoying for years.

Information on other Clients of Pegasus Technologies, past experience, and professional references all available on request.

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