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Wireless Local Loops (click here for definition) have certainly advanced over the last few years, haven't they? For a quick overview of this topic, see our WLL Explained section below.

This page is intended to help guide you from the basic theory of WLLs, to the design of WLLs, through the selection of vendor hardware and system architecture. Please explore the links and topics below to gain a more complete understanding of today's WLL Systems!

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WLL Explained: Tutorials & Basic Info
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WLL Explained: Tutorials & Basic Info

Wireless local loop (WLL) goes by a variety of names, including Fixed-Radio Access (FRA), Radio in the Loop (RITL), or fixed-wireless access (FWA). By any name, it describes a technique where wireless communications are used as the final "last mile" link between the person holding the telephone (or sitting at the computer terminal) and the start of the telephone pole or other wired service. There are a number of technologies that can be used to provide this link, including CDMA, TDMA, GSM, UMTS 3G, 4G, PHS, PAS, DECT, and LMDS to name a few. For more information and tutorials on this concept, see one of the links below.

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WLL Reference Books

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Wireless Local Loops : Theory and Applications, by Peter Stavroulakis (Editor). Hardcover: 312 pages; 1st edition (September 12, 2001). cover

The Complete Wireless Communications Professional: A Guide for Engineers and Managers , by William Webb. Hardcover: 424 pages; February 1999.

Wireless Access Networks : Fixed Wireless Access and Wll Networks--Design and Operation, by Martin P. Clarke. Hardcover - 440 pages (October 2000). cover

Introduction to Wireless Local Loop (Artech House Telecommunications Library.) , by William E. Webb. Hardcover - Hardcover - 318 pages (March 1998).

Introduction to Wireless Local Loop : Broadband and Narrowband Systems (Artech House Mobile Communications Library.), by William Webb. Hardcover - 400 pages 2nd edition (June 2000). cover

Space Division Multiple Access for Wireless Local Area Networks (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, Secs 631), by Patrick Vandenameele, Marc Engels. Hardcover: 256 pages (July 1, 2001).

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Wireless Local Loop Hardware Vendors

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Other Wireless Local Loop Resources

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