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Satellite technology has emerged tremendously over the last 50 years since Arthur C. Clarke first invented it. Today, satellite technology is all around us and has become a very useful, everyday application of modern telecommunications. Satellite systems can provide a variety of services including broadband communication systems, satellite-based video, audio, internet and data distribution networks, as well as worldwide customer service and support.

This page provides background information, tutorial material and links to a variety of satellite information / service / hardware providers. Browse these links to find out more about out-of-this world satellite technology!

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Background & Tutorial Information on Satellite Communications
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Background and Tutorial Information

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Books on Satellite Communications

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Satellite Communications, by Dennis Roddy. Hardcover: 626 pages 4th edition (January 20, 2006). Highly regarded and recently updated, expanded to cover Global wireless services, Antenna Options, and Error Coding.

Satellite Communications , by Timothy Pratt et al. Hardcover, 2nd edition - 560 pages (October 25, 2002). Includes chapters on orbital mechanics, spacecraft construction, satellite-path radiowave propagation, modulation techniques, multiple access, and a detailed analysis of the communications link.

Satellite Communications Fundamentals, by Jules E. Kadish & Thomas W.R. East. Hardcover - Artech House - 510 pages (October 1, 2000).

Direct Broadcast Satellite Communications: MPEG Enabled Service, by Donald C. Mead. Hardcover - 320 pages 1 edition (March 1, 1999).

Satellite Communications for the Nonspecialist, by Mark R. Chartrand. Hardcover - 456 pages (April 2004). This book offers a comprehensive introduction to satellite communications covering regulatory, standards, economics, business, operational, and technical subjects.

Principles of Communications Satellites, by Gary D. Gordon, Walter L. Morgan (Contributor). Hardcover - 568 pages 1 edition (July 22, 1993).

Low Earth Orbital Satellites for Personal Communication Networks (Artech House Mobile Communications Library), by Abbas Jamalipour. Hardcover - 273 pages (December 1997).

Satellite Systems for Personal and Broadband Communications, by Erich Lutz, Markus Werner, Axel Jahn. Hardcover - 433 pages (August 2000).

Wireless Communications in Developing Countries : Cellular and Satellite Systems (Artech House Mobile Communications Series), by Rachel Schwartz. Hardcover - 352 pages (July 1996).

Satellite Communications Systems : Systems, Techniques and Technology (Wiley Series in Communication and Distributed Systems), by Gerard Maral, Michel Bousquet. Paperback - 756 pages 3rd edition (June 1998).

There are lots of other titles as well — follow the link below and search on " satellite communications" or "satellite technology" for more!

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Other Satellite-Related Links

  • Intelsat's Satellite Technical Resources includes ephemeris data, Keplerian data, and sun data affecting satellites and their orbits. You have to use the resources tab at the top of the page to get this information.

  • BROADBAND NEWS: SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS, by Encyberpedia Information Services. Great collection of links.

  • INMARSAT, INMARSAT is a cooperative formed by 79 governments and the private and public telephone companies of the respective countries, who market the Inmarsat space segment.

  • Wiley's International Journal of Satellite Communications — Subscription service, but abstracts are available free!

  • DirectDuo's Home PageGet DBS TV and the Internet!

  • SES-AmericomSatellite network provider -- "our satellite fleet is one of the newest and most advanced in orbit today."

  • Spidersat Communications:an innovative provider of Global Satellite Communications Systems including VSAT, Satellite telephones and mobile satellite internet modems.

  • Hughes Network SystemsDirectPC and DirectDuo Internet and DSS Systems!

  • Boeing Satellite SystemsIn October 2000, The Boeing Company acquired three units within Hughes Electronics Corporation: Hughes Space and Communications Company, Hughes Electron Dynamics, and Spectrolab, Inc., in addition to Hughes Electronics' interest in HRL, the company's primary research laboratory. The four are now part of Boeing's newest subsidiary, Boeing Satellite Systems, Inc. which is now the world's largest satellite systems provider.

  • The Society of Satellite Professionals International

  • Global Communications Solutions, Inc. — a supplier of satellite, wireless and terrestrial products and turnkey systems to U.S. and International, military, government and commercial enterprises

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