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Links to Our Favorite Technical Web Pages -
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General Subjects, 1-9 & A-M:

  • Blue Star The 4G Portal -- a resource for all things related to 3, 3.5 and 4G
  • Acetec - RF/Microwave Manufacturers' Rep firm serving Southern California
  • Blue Star Alexander Resources - Alexander Resources is a leading provider of strategic research, consulting, publishing, and educational products and services to the wireless telecommunications industry. Based in Dallas, TX, the company's clients include over 200 of the world's leading manufacturers and service providers of wireless communications networks and services
  • Blue Star Alpha Telecom — Sellers of & Refurbished Norstar Telephone Equipment
  • All Engineering Schools.Com — Use this free comprehensive database of U.S. engineering schools to search for everything from associate's to doctoral degrees in over 50 engineering-related concentrations
  • America's Generators - the leading US supplier and exporter of NEW generators, with over 1000 units in stock.
  • Apple Computer Inc. - Information about Apple
  • AVX Capacitors - Information & Download S/W About AVX Capacitors
  • BP Microsystems - Information about BP Microsystems & their Device Programmers
  • CDG - CDMA Development Group
  • Laird Technologies - research, design, development and manufacturing of innovative antenna and power product technologies for wireless applications
  • CommerceNet - Silicon Valley Electronic Commerce Consortium
  • Commtech Wireless - browse our range of relay based pagers, paging terminals and wireless messaging software and hardware available on our website
  • Cornell Digital Library Research Group
  • CYBERNET - Wired & Wireless Networking Systems
  • Datacomm Research Company - Ira Brodsky's Dynamic Business Intelligence Page

  • Blue Star Dave's Logo
    Dave's Web Shop - Satellite TVRO Big Dish Equipment - C & Ku Band

  • Digchip - Semiconductors components technical information: parts, datasheets, cross reference, obsolete and new circuits. Requires registration, but is free.
  • DIGIKEY - Digikey's Online catalog
  • Discover Circuits --David Johnson's collection of schematics & quick solutions to engineering problems
  • Blue Star DonTronics - an Australian-based Microcontroller hardware and software supplier.
  • Blue Star The DSPStore - wireless/DSP on-line database offers algorithms, components, software, distributors, consultants, training opportunities, books, and articles.
  • Electronics Workbench (Interactive Image Technologies) Home Page
  • ELAB, Inc. - New Ideas in PIC Microprocessor Application and Project Development
  • ETSI - ETSI Standards Home Page
  • EXECPC - World's Largest BBS

  • Flex o Tech Products - a world class manufacturer of hydraulics and stainless steel hose asemblies.

  • Blue Star Generator Joe's Electric & Diesel Generators - Portable, standby, stationary diesel and propane electric power generators for home, industrial, RV, commercial, mobile and marine use.
  • Global Software Solutions - Information for broadcasting and communications professionals

  • Guilin Microtech Optical Stereo Microscopes - My company is the factory that professionally produces the stereo microscope. The high-resolution optical system of MTO stereo microscopes are characterized by sharp microimages, realistic stereo perception, large depth of field, long working distance, beautiful appearance, complete specification and accessories, and easy operation. Features include: working distance 118mm; wide field eyepieces SWH10x(f23mm); Zoom objective magnification 1.0x-6.5x, 0.7x-4.5x, or 0.7x-4.0x; MZD Monocular video microscope system -- the shadowless coaxial illuminator.

  • Blue Star Harry's Homebrew Homepages (formerly PMP3.Net) - FM Transmitters / Kits / Bugging Devices & More
  • Hewlett-Packard Co. - About HP Computers and Equipment
  • Blue Star Honeywell Microelectronics & Precision Sensors
  • IEEE Logo IEEE - IEEE Home Page
  • IEEE Logo IEEE Spectrum - IEEEE Spectrum Online Home Page
  • IHS / CAPS - IHS Web Home Page -- CAPSXpert Electronic Databases
  • Imagineering Ezine -- a resource for hobbyists, students, scientists and engineers.
  • Blue Star Isp-Isp Internet Service Provider - ISP offers Nationwide dial-up Internet access in the U.S.A. Our services are half the cost of AOL, Earthlink, MSN, AT&T and others. We use the same networks and technology they do, but without the massive overhead, and with a personal touch.
  • Blue Star ITtoolbox Wireless - ITtoolbox Wireless offers forums for technical discussion, an integrated directory, white papers and daily news geared towards Wireless professionals and users of Wireless products. The portal also provides content, community, job postings and much more.
  • Blue Star MECA Electronics, Inc. — designers and manufacturers of RF and Microwave signal control components like power dividers, directional and hybrid couplers, terminations and attenuators.
  • Blue Star — The PREMIER On-line exchange, parts search engine, inventory search, inventory upload, and directory service for electronics, electrical, and mechanical industries.
  • Blue Star Motorola 2 Way Radios — Motorola two way radios, headsets, chargers and batteries for a variety of applications.
  • MOUSER - Mouser Electronic's Online catalog
  • MWJOURNAL - MW Journal Online Home Page
  • Motorola Inc. - Communications and electronics
  • Blue Star MyRadioMall — a leader in providing Motorola two way radios, accessories, batteries & portable 2-way radios

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  General Subjects, N-Z:

  • Blue Star New Wave Instruments Spread Spectrum Resource Directory
  • NotePage, Inc., Alphanumeric Paging and Wireless Messaging Software Solutions
  • Blue Star Orbital Networking Engineering, Inc. Orbital Network Engineering, Inc. is the leader in applying high reliability mission critical wireless technology to the needs of space and telecommunications industries.
  • Pacific Custom Cable - purveyors of computer cables and networking supplies
  • Parallax, Inc. - offers chips, robots, sensors, and more
  • Blue Star Phone Card Savers - Purchase prepaid phone cards, international calling cards at the lowest long distance rates today. Every card available on phone card savers offers a very low calling card plans.
  • QUALCOMM - Home of SS CDMA -- Founded by Linkabit's Drs. Viterbi & Jacobs. This site has some interesting stuff -- Explore it!
  • Aeroflex Instruments - provider of specialized test and measurement equipment
  • Blue Star — Ian Poole's site for information and books on all aspects of radio and electronics
  • Real Video Player - RealPlayer Software
  • RF GlobalNet - interesting stuff!

  • RFIC SOLUTIONS INC. - a fabless semiconductor company focused exclusively on wireless solutions, with headquarters in San Jose, CA. RFIC Solutions designs highly integrated system on chip (SOC) and system on a package (SOP); custom ICs, MIC and offers optimized solutions for any wireless systems including cellular, WiFi, WLAN, WiMax and ultra wideband systems.

  • Saffron Electronics - UK's Premiere Distributor of Electronic Components & Batteries

  • SemiWeb - SemiWeb - Semiconductor Information & Directory

  • Blue Star Spire Controls - Flat Panel Displays and Monitors Manufacturer of flat panel displays and monitors, touch screens, panel pcs, and industrial computers for control system automation.
  • Surplus Traders -- Over 300 Categories of Buy, Sell, Barter & Special Ham Flea Market Section at: * HAM Flea Market *
  • Techmaster Electronics -- Complete RF/Microwave repair service
  • time is 10:23 and 47ohms.... Never fumble for a formula again! Novel Ohm's Law Wrist Watches, wall clocks and desk clocks for AC or DC applications. Includes Ohm's law, power formulas and a unique resistor band color chart. Other unique gifts for the electrical trade and engineering.
  • TechWeb, the IT Network
  • Blue Star Telephone Magic, Inc. of Canada - Wholesale Norstar telephones, Norstar phones, Nortel Meridian Norstar phone systems, Norstar voice mail systems, long range wireless phones, telephone headsets & hotel / motel telecom systems. We also offer wholesale Panasonic, NEC, and Avaya phone systems, telephones, parts and accessories.
  • Tektronix, Inc. - About Tektronix Measurement Products
  • TRAK Com — developers of wireless, telecommunications, and electronics products for Wireless, Fiber-Optic, SatCom, Space and Defense high technology applications throughout the world
  • Turtle Beach — premium audio peripherals for video game, personal computer, and mobile platforms
  • Miyachi Unitek — designers and manufacturers of a full range of resistance welding, spot welding, thermocouple welding and hot bar reflow soldering equipment for applications requiring precision metals joining.
  • US Geological Survey Home Page - Maps & De-Classified "SPY" Satellite Photos
  • WENZEL ASSOCIATES, Inc. - Crystal Oscillator & Low Phase Noise Experts!
  • West Coast Magnetics - designers & manufacturers of power and RF magnetics including RF inductors, power inductors, current transformers, common mode chokes, switch mode transformers and 60 Hz transformers.
  • Wireless Design Online -- Great Buyers/Sellers' Guide
  • Wireless Resources - alphanumeric paging and wireless messaging resources
  • Wireless World Forum - competitive market intelligence for the wireless industry
  • Blue Star xpBargains.Com — your best source of best tech deals
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PC Shopping Outlets:

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