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Links to Our Favorite Web Pages - Part 2

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Amateur Radio Spread Spectrum:

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Spread Spectrum Equipment Manufacturers:

  • Adtran - New T1/E1 Telecom Wireless Product + "Nice" Baseband & ISDN Stuff
  • Laird Technologies - designs and manufactures customized, performance-critical products for wireless and other advanced electronics applications.
  • SmartSight - Networked Wireless Digital Video Solutions
  • CommUnique Wireless Corp. - Manufacturer & System integrator of SS & Wireless Telecomm products
  • GRE America - Spread Spectrum OEM - Maker of GINA
  • Aerie Networks - "Ricochet" Spread Spectrum Hardware & Services
  • - Wireless Radio & System OEM
  • Solectek - Spread Spectrum OEM
  • Blue Star Telecom Global Services, Inc. - The smart choice for sales and service on telephone systems. Offering Nortel Norstar, Avaya Partner ACS and Mitel SX-200 EL amongst others. Voicemail, Call Accounting, Paging, LAN Cabling and ACD solutions also available. We also offer the Adtran NetVanta, 3Com Superstack and more. Serving all types of businesses including the Hotel/Motel industry.
  • TELETRONICS - Wireless LAN Products.
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Spread Spectrum IC (Chip) Suppliers:

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Tools, Test Equipment, Software, & Services:

  • Blue Star Electrist 1.1 For Palm OS — The Top-Rated Electrical and Electronic Engineering Tool for Palm OS, from Red Binary
  • 308 Systems — providers of the TAC-PAK "Office/EOC in a Briefcase", a wireless portable battery powered communications/command system
  • Blue Star Adroit Data Recover Centre - Data recovery services for Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Brunei and Vietnam.
  • Analog Devices Design Center Development tools
  • Ariel - DSP Boards & Software
  • Blue Star Armor2net Personal Firewall -- firewall software stops hackers and data thieves and protects your PC from Internet-borne threats. Armor2net can meet your requirements for Internet security and Internet privacy. Firewall download for 30-day free trial.
  • Blue Star Avalon Test Equipment - Electronic Test and Measurement Equipment Dealer, also does repairs
  • Berkeley Design Technology - DSP Buyers Guide & DSP Tools / Methodologies
  • - Low cost, full featured Linux tools for the SHARC processor
  • Bell Electronics - new and refurbished test and measurement equipment sales and rentals for the wireless/electronics industry
  • Bridgenorth Signal Processing, Inc. - DSP Tools & S/W
  • Capovani Brothers, Inc. - a dealer in refurbished scientific and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
  • DADisp / DSP Development Corp. - Great Spreadsheet DSP Design & Sim Tools -- Check it out!
  • Blue Star DataLeach Hard Drive Recovery Service - Hard Drive Recovery and disk repair data recovery lab with the ability to recovery data from all disk drives and computer drive devices, IDE, SCSI, RAID.
  • Blue Star Discovery Computer Training Products Tutorials - Training and Tutorials about Windows 2000, Routers, Networking, becoming a Computer Technician, Firewall Security, Web Development, Fireworks, Flash, Photoshop, Ulead 3D, Dreamweaver, Frontpage and Ecommerce
  • Blue Star Dovico Software - Award Winning Time Tracking Software for Business Management and Activity Based Costing
  • DSPnet - TechOnLine's DSPnet
  • Agilent/ Eagleware / Elanix - Makers of SystemView Simulation software
  • Elektrobit — design engineering, research and test tools for developers of wireless equipment
  • Intelligent Instrumentation - Data Acquisition, DSP Tools & S/W
  • Intusoft - Intusoft SPICE Design Tools
  • Lightning Survey — an extremely quick, inexpensive software package that enables you to ask a series of sophisticated questions to a small or very large group of people and receive detailed statistical answers back immediately.
  • MetricTest - Value leader in new and refurbished Electronic Test Equipment Sales
  • Blue Star MicroSnap - Offers a+ certification , cisco, mcse, and Microsoft certification.
  • National Instruments - Data Acquisition, DSP Tools & S/W
  • Online Computer Markets - Data Acquisition, DSP Tools & S/W
  • Spectrum Signal Processing - TI 'C4X & SHARC DSP Tools & S/W
  • Tensor Plc. Tensor is a leading manufacturer of Smart Card based Time and Attendance, Access Control equipment, Human Resource and Shop Floor Data Collection systems. From one-door, one-clock systems to large communications networks - buy it direct from the manufacturer.
  • TestMart — Online marketplace for information and purchase of test and measurement equipment. Products include Digital Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers, Signal Generators, DC Power Supplies, Digital Multimeters, LAN Analyzers, RF Instruments, Data Loggers, Calibrators, Probes and many others.
  • TestQuote - Submit free test equipment quote requests and receive offers from well-established suppliers nationwide.
  • TransEra - HTBasic & other S/W Tools
  • Unisoft — free PC Board Assembly Viewer software from the creators of OneFACTORY software for factory floor automation
  • Valuetronics — buying and selling Refurbished Electronic Test Equipment. All equipment supplied with Warranty, Accessories and a 10 Day Right of Refusal. In business for more than 10 years with many repeat customers.
  • WID Industries' Home Page -- Interesting stuff + Used Test Equipment!
  • WindRiver Systems - Embedded Systems & Operating System Development Tools
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Free software!Software Downloads:

Also see our SSS Online Free Software Downloads page and our Electronics Engineering Resources Page.

  • Adobe - ADOBE "Acrobat" .pdf Windows Document viewer -- must have!
  • Mozilla Firefox - Great FREE web Browser
  • Netscape/AOL - Netscape Navigator & Communicator PLUS Lots of Great Netscape Application Plug-Ins -- must have!
  • Hotmetal - HoTMetaL HTML Editor / Viewer -- by Corel!
  • Transera / HTB International - HTBasic Compiler & Tools for HP, UNIX & Windows 95
  • Unisoft — free PC Board Assembly Viewer software from the creators of OneFACTORY software for factory floor automation
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SS Consultants:

Spread Spectrum Scene Online is managed & maintained by Pegasus Technologies. Click on our logo below to find out more about our RF, Wireless, and advanced digital/FPGA design consulting services. We can help you get your quality RF products to market!

Visit Pegasus Technologies
Visit Pegasus Technologies!

  • Blue Star AOM Wireless, a division of Alpha Omega Media, Inc. — AOM Wireless develops RF products and technology for commercial and military applications, specializing in custom IC's and modules for use in high performance wireless systems (also, an integrator of the PTSS2003 series modules).

  • 3G CDMA Solutions — Offering CDMA consulting services and 3G CDMA wireless training courses from Basic to Advanced. Includes CDMA seminars on IS-95, cdma2000, CDMA 1xEV-DO, CDMA 1xEV-DV, Wireless IP, WLAN, and cdma2000 1xRTT optimization for teams responsible for the design, marketing, deployment, and optimization of CDMA wireless networks and services.

  • Blue Star Associated Professional Systems - SS / Wireless Products, FPGA Development Systems AND SOFTWARE!

  • Blue Star Wavetechnology -- RF Consulting

  • Datacomm Research Company - Ira Brodsky's Dynamic Business Intelligence Page

  • Blue Star SIGTEK, Inc. - SS / Wireless Board Products AND MORE!

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