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The name of this page is derived from the meaning of esoteric: "of specialized interest." Click on a topic to explore our more esoteric pages and unusual but interesting links.

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NASA Hubble Space Telescope Pictures (Fascinating!)
NASA / JPL Galileo Pictures (Interesting!)
NASA SOHO Pictures (Weird!)
Interesting Airplane Painting Story
Download a Program to design Human Powered Vehicles (HPVs)!
Download a Program for Forecasting!
Shareware Cardgame Software
"The House of Cards:" Shareware Cardgame Software Links
Download a Program to Design TESLA Coils
"Virtual Facts on File"
"An Unusual Day"
"The Markley/Antheil spread-spectrum patent"
Hiring Non-Resident Aliens -- Article
Trademarks for Restaurants -- Article
Copyrights for Musicians -- Article
The Internet Cello Society
MuseNet -- (Professional musicians on the Net.)
Guitar Net -- (For you guitar players)


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