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  • Check us Out!  There's a lot going on in the world of Spread Spectrum today -- try some of the links on the left to explore our site, which provides in-depth tutorials, FCC rulemaking news and comments, reviews of some of the more recent RF chips, white papers, doctoral dissertations, a variety of specialty books on various wireless/ spread spectrum / RF areas, and a wide range of other information. Our site is arranged around the topics listed in the left hand column. If you click on one of those links, it will take you to a menu page that lists all the pages in our site on that topic, and a second listing of related topics. Take some time to explore -- we have more than 400 active pages and a huge number of PDF files and papers. We're sure you'll agree that we are a terrific resource for working RF engineers, engineering students, and interested lay-people who just want to know a bit more about the current wireless explosion.

  • Search This Site or the Web.   You can quickly and efficiently search this site by using the box to the left, or take the link above and search either this site or the web. Please give it a try!

  • Did you know? Spread Spectrum Scene Online is managed by Pegasus Technologies, Inc. We are a small design house located in East Tennessee. We do custom RF / wireless circuit design work and also offer a variety of customizable Rf modules that can be incorporated into your products. Want to go wireless? Give us a call!

  • Free Advertising! We offer free classified ads for items related to wireless and RF engineering. Check out our recent ads or send us your postings.

  • See our Career Center! We offer free job listings for jobs in RF/wireless or related industries, and job hunting tips from leading HR professionals.

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