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The following advertisements are provided as a public service of SSS Online and Pegasus Technologies. SSS Online disclaims any knowledge of the legitimacy, validity or accuracy of these offerings. The correctness, completeness and accuracy of all advertisements is the sole responsibility of the advertiser.

If you would like to list your advertisement here, please send the complete text of your ad to: . We will leave the ad posted for 30 days, or whenever we get around to taking it down. If you want it posted for a particular length of time, let us know and we'll try to accommodate your wishes. Posting of all advertisements is at the sole discretion of SSS Online, and we will only include advertisements directly related to electronics or closely related fields.

Please note that free advertisements are limited to no more than 100 words and do not include pictures. Paid advertising is available if you want a fancier ad -- contact us for more details!

Classified Ads

Huada Connectors Inc.(HDC) are manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies. Please visit us at for a product list. Our high quality jumper cables have the best price in the wireless market. Contact: 1-866-777-9567 or email:

TestRack, Inc. is a supplier of EMI test equipment as well as OEM parts. Some of the equipment that TestRack, Inc. offers can be found at and are manufactured by industry leaders such as Voltech, EMSCAN, Teseq (formerly Schaffner), EMI Solutions and others. A good source for potential design, validation or verification efforts. Email George Wilmer, Sales Engineer or call at (267)625-0417.

State of the Art, Cctv Dvr Security Surveillance Systems. Cctv Dvr Security Surveillance Systems with Remote Monitoring and Motion Detection Includes Indoor and Outdoor cameras and Customized Control Panel. Contact:, or phone (800)549-3150.

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