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Volume 3 - Number 3 -- August - September, 1994

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Rumors & Ramblings Industry news, including Hong Kong adoption of PHP standards and some movers and shakers in the wireless industry. 2
Editorial What Happened to Part 2 of James Vincent's Article, Voice Over Spread Spectrum, and reminders for subscription renewals. 3
Ham Hopper Update The Ham Hopper breadboard receiver development is making good progress. The schematic included n the article reflects the current design of the RF front end, hopping DDS LO upconverter and 10.7 MHz IF filtering / impedance matching circuitry. The rest of the circuitry needed for the receiver is contained in the IF/demodulator function of the receiver, which is still being worked on. 4
Article: "Software Patentability", by Curtis Harrington Information on recent case law concerning the patentability of software. 5
Washington Scene News about Reed Hundt, FCC Chair; Pioneer's preferences, and FCC's reorganization. 7
Sidebar: Which is better, Direct Sequence (DS) or Frequency Hop (FH) Spread Spectrum? Short article about the differences between the two techniques. 8
New Products Review of new products from Berkeley Varitronics Systems, TriQuint, and GTI. 9

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