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  • Timeline Inc., Torrance, CA, Tel: 310-784-5488, FAX: 310-784-7590 is now selling "surplus" PROXIM RF Modems for $99.00 each. "Installation schematics and application details" are also available from Timeline. Sounds like a real bargain!

  • Digital Equipment Corp. has released a series of wireless LAN products designed to increase user mobility from desktop computers. Designated "RoamAbout" products, these gadgets let users roam at distances of up to 800 feet in a typical office environment. Call 508-486-5198 for more info.

  • It seems that Hong Kong is about to adopt Japan's personal handyphone system (PHS) as a mobile telephone standard. PHS, which used to be called PHP, is capable of originating and receiving calls to and from the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). It interfaces with both both ISDN and public telepoint service.

  • John Lee, President of Wireless Logic Inc., San Jose, CA has really pulled off a coup. Wireless Logic last month signed a deal with memory and programmable logic vendor ATMEL Corporation to supply a Spread Spectrum chipset for cordless telephone use. ATMEL will manufacture the chips at its fab in Colorado Springs and will market then to the US and Europe. Wireless Logic, meanwhile, is relocating to Hong Kong and will market the chips in Asia, where most of the cordless telephone suppliers are located.

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