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Berkeley Varitronics Systems

Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS), Metuchen, NJ, announces the availability of its new real-time test system for RF propagation analysis and wireless system checkout. The system consists of "Champ", a handheld receiver; three battery-powered rechargeable stick-up transmitters; a PCMCIA memory card; and the capability for six channel GPS navigation. All associated software, microphones, cables, batteries, antennae, headphone, charging transformers and a case are included.

The BVS Kit allows users to place the frequency-agile "Spyders" transmitters throughout a building or the desired area to be studied. "Spyders" are one pound self-contained, frequency agile fully portable transmitters with either CW or various FM/FSK modulations built-in. The data can be collected, on different frequencies, by simply walking around and collecting information from the "Champ" receiver. The "Champ" is a three pound handheld signal strength meter covering any of the 850-870 MHz, 900-941 MHz or 1.8-2.4 GHz frequency ranges. The unit has selectable IF bandwidths of 4, 10,25 or 100 kHz. The "Champ" mimics a spectrum analyzer in the FDM quasi-peak mode and has self-calibrating RSSI circuitry. Receiver sensitivity is as low as -120 dBm and signals as large as -30 dBm are handled without overload. "Champ" signal Strength data is stored on its removable PCMCIA memory Card and can be processed on a standard PC.

For mobile measurements, a driver can move through a coverage area and the "Champ's" internal GPS receiver system records latitude and longitude along with signal- strength levels. This data is also stored as a file on the PCMCIA memory card. This will aid mapping coverage overlays and finding the strengths and weaknesses of the system being analyzed.

The system is also capable of measuring Bit, byte packet and Burst error rates. The combination of signal strength and BER (Bit error rate) measurement capabilities makes this system unique in the wireless industry.

The complete system is priced at $9,995. Several options are available for PCMCIA storage size and various configurations are available. Each system component can also be purchased separately (for instance, the "Champ" is available at a base price of $1,995). For more Info, call John Duggan at: 908-548-3737 or FAX: 908-548-3404

TriQuint 2.4 GHz GaAs Chipset

Triquint Semiconductor, Inc., Beaverton, OR, has announced two new GaAs MMICs for the FCC's Part 15, 2.4 to 2.4835 GHz ISM band: the TQ9205 andTQ9206, which were designed to be the core of a host of new low cost wireless applications. TriQuint has announced the availability of a complete evaluation board with these chips for less than $100. The TriQuint TQ9205 is an amplifier / switch, while the TQ9206 is an up / down converter. Designed for half duplex wireless applications, the chipset simplifies T/R switching and includes low power CMOS compatible RF Switch driver stages. Capable of an RF output up to 100 mW, with built-in VCO and VCO buffer amplifier and having a receive noise figure of 3.5 dB make this chips very "hot. "

Pricing is under $10 each at 10,000 piece quantities. Call 503-644-3535, extension 302 for more information.

GTI 2600 Wireless Explorer Development System

The GTI2600 Wireless Explorer system is designed to aid those visionaries who are interested in developing wireless communication systems in a cost effective manner. Using an open systems approach, the hardware and software use a PC/AT platform, the Windows 3.1 Graphical User Interface (GUI) and DLL type device drivers. One full size GTI2600 PCB contains a 95-2700 MHz Synthesizer with 50 Ohm output port, 50-2500 MHz tuner/receiver section, 8 bit A/D that digitizes the receiver's baseband output, an audio (FM) output and a video bandwidth output port. An external antenna or T/R module can be interfaced to the GTI2600 PCB via the 50 Ohm RF I/O ports or the GTI2600 PCB can be interfaced via 50 Ohm coax to test instruments or a development LAN. The Windows GUI includes control menus and buttons, data collection and generation graphical displays and custom or user generated analysis algorithms. The GTI2600 Explorer System can function as a Spectrum Analyzer, RF Signal Generator, receiver or as an SS wireless LAN/WAN developement platform.

915 MHz and 2.4 GHz ISM band T/R DS SS QPSK modulated T/R modules are also available.

The basic GTI26000, device drivers and Explorer software is available for $1,995. Contact: Mr. Duane Wilson, GTI, P.O. Box 1336, San Martin, CA -- Tel: 408-683-9676

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