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What Happened to Part 2 of James Vincent's Voice Link Over Spread Spectrum Radio Article?

We have had a little delay in securing complete, one time, reprint copyright releases from James Vincent and ELECTRONICS WORLD + WIRELESS WORLD magazine. Our next issue will have the second half of Mr. Vincent's article. We just could not meet our deadline for this issue and include this reprint without getting full legal copyright agreements signed and sealed.

SSS wants to offer the following statement about this article to clear up any misunderstandings that we may have caused:

The Editor and Publisher of Spread Spectrum Scene does hereby apologize unreservedly for infringing the intellectual Property rights of James Vincent through the unauthorized publication of this copyrighted work. The article remains the copyright of James A. Vincent.

We hope you enjoy the second half of this article. Look for it in our very next issue!

On the subject of articles, have you written anything lately that we might be able to publish? We are always on the lookout for solid, hands-on, technical articles about Spread Spectrum and related advanced digital communications techniques. We also would like application based articles, equipment or software reviews and general news or product announcements.

While we can't pay a very large amount of money to you for your creative efforts, we can give you, your company, or your product a lot of exposure. Please call, FAX or write with your ideas or mail us a draft copy of what you would like us to publish. We will quickly evaluate and let you know if we can use your submission.

What Happened to All You Subscribers Who Have Forgotten to Renew?

It seems that almost half of our paid subscriber base have let their subscriptions lapse in the last several months . Due to secretarial problems we have not put out renewal notices since April. Do we have to knock you over the head? Each of you with a lapsed subscription will get one last chance -- this issue will still be mailed to you by first class mail, along with a RENEWAL NOTICE and your copy will be appropriately rubber stamped.

Please renew -- as soon as you can. You are, of course, eligible for our Bonus Disk special offer (see back cover for details) for a limited time.

SSS is not one of those FREE TRADE JOURNALS ! We rely on income from both subscriptions and advertising to defray our production and mailing costs. We don't really expect to make a profit from this little "Labor of Love," but, it would sure be nice to pay our expenses.

By the way, your initial reaction to our Bonus Disk Subscription offer has been darn good. We have sent out almost 100 Bonus Disks to new and renewing subscribers since we started this special offer. We hope that SSScalc has been useful to most of you. Thanks again for subscribing and supporting us!

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