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Jim started skating in college, McKenzie was 13, and Karen was 52. Some of us (Karen) are really bad and others are OK, but we're all pretty low level as these things go. However, it's a wonderful hobby, a great way to stay more-or-less fit, and a lot of fun.

Click here to see a You-Tube video clip of Karen and Jim skating the Rhythm Blues in a preliminary ice dance competition, Knoxville, TN, April 2006.

FS3 Stroking Class
Jim at the Icearium ISI competition January 21, 2006
Hamming it up at the awards ceremony
McKenzie and Claire Mincher, Icearium ISI competition January 21, 2006

Starting to spin
McKenzie, competition warmup, January 21, 2006
Ice skating practice
McKenzie at the Icearium, December 9, 2005

Group photo
The Inner Edge Adult Synchro Team -- left to right, Evonne Frantz, Glenn Mincher, Beth Brakebill, Suzy Bowen, Jim Pearce, Karen Edwards, Mary Wilson, Erin Ptacek, Amy Ramsay, Lauren Overton. Not pictured: Manuella Ptacek.

Scene from the Nutcracker on Ice
The Ice Chalet, our sister rink in Knoxville, puts on a production of the Nutcracker on Ice every Christmas. We weren't in it, but many people we know skated in the 2005 show.

party scene
Jim and McKenzie with our coach, Nikki Copeland, at the KFSC Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet, September 24, 2005
Party Time

Ice dance
Jim passed US Figure Skating test, Preliminary Dance, August 3, 2005
Practicing footwork

Favorite Ice Skating Links

The Inner Edge Synchro Team
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The Icearium -- our home rink!
Knoxville's Ice Chalet -- our second favorite rink!
Jerry's Skating World -- our favorite source for gorgeous skatewear.

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