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We have two perfectly beautiful and brilliant kids. In the process of raising them, we have discovered that kids are the most expensive hobby people can ever have! Now they're both in college and almost out of the nest, which is really scary. For more pictures and information about either kid, go to their individual page above.

McKenzie 11/11/06
Ryan, 11/12/06
McKenzie 11/11/06
McKenzie, 11/11/06

kids at Christmas, 2005
Ryan & McKenzie, Christmas 2005
McKenzie at 15
McKenzie the Christmas Elf, December 2005
Ryan at 18
Ryan at 17, Summer 2005
McKenzie at 15
McKenzie at 151/2, November 2005
Ryan at 16
Ryan at 16, February 2004
McKenzie at 14
McKenzie just a few months shy of 14, February 2004

Kids playing in snow
1998: Snowcones

1999: Greenwood Abbey, the kids' clubhouse in the woods
2002: Ryan and Hilfy
January 1, 2000: McKenzie brings in the new Millenium at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville

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