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Ryan is 21 years old and finishing his Junior year at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He is majoring in Materials Science and Engineering with a concentration in nanomaterials. He works at the Oak Ridge National Lab in the Bio-Inspired Nanomaterials Group, and plans to go on to graduate school for a PhD. He enjoys reading, computer and video gaming, tennis, chess, and hanging out with his friends. He plays viola (though not much any more) and enjoys music in a wide range of styles. He hates this page and wants everyone to understand that he has nothing to do with its existence or maintenance. This is all his Mom's idea.

Ryan, spring 2007
Ryan's cat

Above: Ryan's blue point Siamese, The Admiral

Picture left: Ryan jumping
(photo credit: McKenzie Pearce)
Ryan, November 2006
Ryan, November 2006

Ryan, home from college, November 2006

Ryan's senior picture
Ryan's "formal" senior picture, Summer 2005

Autobiographical Poem

-- by Ryan Pearce, Spring 2001

I was born in
the year of the Rabbit.

My parents are consultants -
A life made of worry about money

My father told me about
the use of computational devices

My mother yelled at me
but not enough to make a difference

My father told me
I would be a slob
part of a mob
and a lowlife

I haven't left my parents home
under my own power

I live in the middle of Nowhere
a collector of junk
loose ends
and insane comments

My sister says I have
metamorphosized from a duck

I have a craving for power
and high computer bandwidth
Ryan Pearce, April 2003 -- kill that tennis ball!
Ryan at 13, May 2001
Ryan Pearce, 7/02
Ryan 1997
Back as a little kid in 1996, in his wizard Halloween costume

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