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McKenzie is 18 and a freshman at the University of Tennessee. She is majoring in Fine Arts, with a concentration in either Graphic Design or Media Arts (Photography). This is still up in the air. To see McKenzie's photography, see her Italy and photography pages.

McKenzie, November 11, 2006

McKenzie and her best friend Devin, December 2005

McKenzie and her Mom, December 2005

McKenzie in the Garden, 5/21/05

McKenzie and Jim, spring 2005

McKenzie and friends before the orchestra concert, spring 2005

McKenzie and roses, spring 2005
McKenzie, Christmas 2003 McKenzie, Christmas 2003
Magic with Words
-- By McKenzie Pearce, January 2004

Hiding secrets that whisper behind covers;
Different worlds, people, creatures, and things.
Toy soldiers march, a fairy hovers,
A paper ballerina, and a mermaid that sings.
Come in if you like, and don't if you daren't,
This might be a dream, a thought with a waking;
But as soon as you enter, the answer is apparent,
It isn't your thirst, but your mind you are slaking.

McKenzie, Halloween 2002
McKenzie's Halloween costume, October 2002

McKenzie's Princess Leia hairstyle, 11/01
McKenzie, May 2002 McKenzie's modern dance recital, May 2002 McKenzie, May 2002
McKenzie's jazz costume, May 2002

McKenzie, May 2001 McKenzie Pearce, ballet recital, May 2001 McKenzie
McKenzie was Peaseblossom the fairy in Midsummer Night's Dream, December 2000

TV commercial picture
McKenzie was in a TV commercial playing her violin back in 1997
McKenzie 99
McKenzie, 1999

The Snow Queen
McKenzie as the Snow Queen, Halloween 1996

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