SSS Online
Volume 2 - Number 8 -- January - February, 1994

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Table of Contents
Article Description Page
Rumors & Ramblings News about current mergers, joint ventures, and other happenings in the world of spread spectrum 4
Editorial Fragile Data Communications Infrastructures: ruminations following the 1994 San Fernando Valley, CA earthquake and its effect on data communications. 5
Consultant's Corner RF microwave simulation software, and thoughts on selling/designing RF for developing countries. 6
Washington Scene Info on 3 telecommunications companies that didn't have to compete for spectrum licenses, as a reward from FCC for pioneering work 7
Patent Marking Marking of patented articles is important to damage recovery, and this article by Patent Attorney Curtis Harrington provides some specifics gleaned from several court cases. 8
Best SS Awards Our picks for the best spread spectrum products of 1993 9
HyperAmp -- Review Our evaluation of HyperLink Technologies' HyperAmp 900, a clever SS communications accessory which places both an RF drive switched power amplifier and a low noise receive amplifier only inches from the antenna. 11
Detecting Pseudo-Noise Signals Article by Dr. Maurice L. Schiff of Elanix. Our pick for 1993's Best SS Windows Software Product, System View by ELANIX, is highlighted in this article which describes a unique SS application and its analysis and simulation. 12
New Products Review of new software product, Hypersignal for Windows Advanced Transmission Library 15

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