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Hypersignal for Windows Advanced Transmission Library

The Hypersignal for Windows Advanced Transmission Library provides a comprehensive set of design and analysis blocks for radio, wireline and fiber optic transmission systems. John C. Bellamy, the author of the popular book "Digital Telephony," designed these specialized blocks for use with the Hypersignal for Windows Block Diagram simulation software. The Advanced Transmission Library blocks address baseband transmission models, modulation, demodulation, carrier and clock recovery, arbitrary filter design, system performance measures and other miscellaneous functions. The library includes example applications demonstrating the usage of each block.

Baseband an carrier transmission systems can be modeled with NRZ/RZ, AMI, Gray, Manchester, and multiple-level line codes. FSK, PSK and QAM modulators and demodulators and various carrier and clock recovery blocks, provide support for carrier transmission system modeling.

New filter design facilities are provided to model transmission links and design / test of various types of equalizers. These new filter design facilities incorporate optimization of filter parameters to match arbitrarily specified responses of a single filter or an end- to-end system.

Performance measure blocks are provided for BER simulations, BER calculations, eye patterns and jitter analysis. There are also blocks which address fiber optic light sources, fiber paths, automatic peak control, elastic storage and UARTs.

When used with the digital filter, display and general processing blocks of Hypersignal for Windows Blocks diagram, the advanced Transmission Library provides a complete tool kit for designing, analyzing, and prototyping digital transmission systems. Contact:

Mr. Brian Carlson
Hyperception, Inc.
Tel: 214-343-8525
FAX: 214-343-2457

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