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Best spread Spectrum Product Awards for 1993

We are Pleased to be able to announce the winners of our "Best SS Product" awards. The following paragraphs highlight the winners in each category. The envelopes please...

Best SS Hardware Product

GRE America's (415-591-1400) GINA wins the hardware prize. This outstanding 900 MHz radio is heads above most of its competition in features, performance and value. This month's cover shows the award winning GINA radio.

The GINA is a workhorse, general purpose SS transceiver that can be used in data, voice or wireless LAN applications. For more information about GINA please see GRE's ad on page 2.

Best SS Windows Software Product

System View by ELANIX (818-597-1414) wins the Windows prize. This powerful new dynamic system simulator brings workstation level design simulation and analysis tools to the PC. Performing in the familiar windows environment with tokenized block diagrams, System View provides the system designer with an intuitive and user friendly way to quickly build and test communication and signal processing systems.

See the application article about System View on page 12 for an interesting System View application to SS signal processing.

Best SS DOS Software Product

TESLA from TESOFT (404-751-9785) wins the DOS prize. Even though TESLA has been around awhile, it is still an outstanding performer at system simulation and block diagram modeling. TESLA allows the user to define a system block diagram in the users favorite schematic entry package, then simulate system performance with a minimum of fuss. TESLA features 65+ pre-defined system blocks and functions and allows the user to define and compile his own models as needed.

TESLA sort of grows on you, the more you use it, the more power you discover it has.

Best SS Application

We proudly award the Best Application honors to OMNIPOINT Communications, Inc. (719-548-1200) and Bob Dixon, Chief Scientist for their outstanding work in PCS (Personal Communication System). OMNIPOINT has not only been granted one of three Pioneers Preferences by the FCC, they have formed important industry alliances with Rockwell International (for custom SS Chips) and some of the Major RBOCs (Regional Bell Operating Companies).

Using TDMA/CDMA (Time and Code Division Multiple Access) SS, OMNIPOINT has been able to bring outstanding performance to the PCS/PCN (Personal Communication System/Personal Communication Network) arena. Using innovative design techniques along with proven technology, OMNIPOINT has tomorrow's PCS handsets available, now.

OMNIPOINT has been pretty quiet about what it's doing and has never made extravagant claims about its technology. Look for OEM'ed version of OMNIPOINT PCS handsets from some of the very first PCS providers very soon.

SS Dog of 1993

The hardest award to pick a winner for was this one. There wee just an awful lot of contenders for this coveted honor. Some of the prime contenders were Apple's Newton, Tandy's Zoomer, today's PDAs in general, a cordless telephone that we reviewed earlier in the year and, of course, all of the vendors with vapor software or hardware. Don't forget, we also considered companies that made grandiose claims about their products and those that charged way too much for their "junk".

With all this competition it was really hard to choose the "Dog of 1993." However, Jim Bertonis of ADBS helped us out with his nomination for this hotly sought after prize.

We award "The Top of the Heap," otherwise known as the "Dog of the Year" award to YBH Computers of Campbell, CA. You may remember that in our April 1993 issue, we carried a new product feature for the YBH "MX BUS" LAN System. This system beat everyone else out there for extravagant claims, vapor, hot air, smoke and mirrors as well as plain old fashioned marketing "Hype."

To our knowledge YBH has never shipped anything, let alone a Wireless LAN product. If you tried to call their Hotline you were, most likely, sadly disappointed when you found out they never answered it. Our latest investigation into YBH has shown that they could not secure a manufacturer for the Teflon coated stainless steel self tapping screws that were such an intimate part of their design. Thus it seems that this wonderful product has bit the dust and the company is now in re-organization.

We hope to never see such a flagrant travesty of public trust as YBH promulgated. Maybe 1994 will be the year we fail to find a "Dog of the Year."

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