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This page was formerly a news sheet that tried to keep up with hot topics in the wild and crazy world of RF and wireless. This lasted from about 1996 - 1998, and then languished. When we purchased the website, we decided to use this page to report news that directly concerned the website -- i.e., stuff about us. News about RF and wireless is all over the site under one of our many subject areas -- to peruse any of these, go back to our Index and pick one of the selections on the left side menu, or use the search box below.

To see one of the old news sheets, go to our SSS Online News Archives

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Important Website Updates

August 2008

After several years of the same look, we are updating the format to be more modern with a cleaner appearance. We continue to strive to keep the site up to date with content and have made more than 800 revisions during the year with new information and revisions to old. We hope you continue to find the material on the site useful and informative as we near our 8th anniversary. Bear with us until the update is complete!

August 2005

During the past year we've added several features to make it easier to find things on our site, and have added more content. It's been an extraordinarily busy year, as your webmaster was also the project manager for building Pegasus Technologies' new office building and coordinating the move. Next year will hopefully be a bit quieter, so she can turn more of her attention back to the website! Still, we are proud of our accomplishments as we near completion of our 5th year as manager of this website. Our anniversary is October 2005!

Some highlights this year:
  • We finally completed uploading all our old back issues (paper issues) and have indexed them all on our Past Issues Index. Some of these are in PDF format, and some are html -- our archives have never been so easy to access! During the next year, we hope to begin indexing particular articles within all these back issues. Until then, do a Google Search on our site for topics of interest.


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  • We added an index for our .txt and .doc files that lists all these files for easy reference. We hope to complete indexes of all our .exe and .zip files during the coming year as well.

  • Along with Pegasus Technologies, SSS Online moved our offices in April of this year. Our new address and contact information are located on our Contacts page.

We've been in charge for 3 years now

January 2004

Amazing to us that we've now operated this site for a little over three years, since October 2000. We're on our fourth pass through all 450-some-odd pages, updating and adding more content, repairing broken links, and improving navigation. We hope you enjoy using the site as much as we enjoy working with it! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We've Added a Useful Index for all our PDF Articles

April 2003

It's been tough keeping track of all our PDF articles on the site, so we made a listing for our own use that listed them all and where they link from. Then we realized this might be useful for our readers as well -- so we've put it up on the site. Take a look at subjects A - Ln and Lo - Z.

If you have any suggestions, comments, criticisms or complaints, please send us an email () or leave a Comment. Please share your thoughts, suggestions or ideas on how to improve SSS Online and thus serve you better -- Remember, we are HERE TO HELP and SERVE YOU!

ALSO...if you have any technical articles that would be of interest to our readers, please contact our Webmaster for information about publication in SSS Online.

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