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Richland with week-old bull calf
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We are proud to introduce our herd of BBU registered Beefmaster and Beefmaster/Angus cross cattle. All our crossbred females are entered in the BBU Voluntary Upgrade Program.   These cattle are big, heavy boned, meaty, easy growers that calve small and grow off fast on grass alone.
Beefmasters...Developed on the Six Essentials...
Fertility... Milking Ability... Weight... Conformation... Hardiness... Disposition

Beefmasters are known for great dispositions, easy calving, good mothering ability, feed efficiency, high fertility, and tender meat. Come see our purebred and crossbred babies! We usually have a few cattle for sale.
Mayfly, U1/2 2nd Cross Beefmaster Cow Mayfly, U1/2 2nd Cross Beefmaster cow, with her fancy 2010 purebred heifer. 
First Cross Beefmaster heifers Beefmaster crosses are special! Here are two half Beefmaster full sisters out of an 3/4 Angus/1/4 Hereford cross cow. 
Purebred calves
Purebred calves
cow herd
Pasture scene
Two 2004 Heifers
Two Crossbred Heifers
Lightning, U1/2 2nd Cross Beefmaster Cow
Lightning, 2nd Cross U1-2 cow

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