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SSS Featured Websites

On this page, we feature various websites that may be of particular interest to our readers. Check back with us periodically to see what's new! If you have an idea for a site you'd like to see featured here, please Contact us.

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Also, check out our Archived Monthly Features

Featured December 2008:

After a lapse of several years, we are featuring The 4G Portal, which is an outgrowth of the 3G Portal featured below. This news service is devoted to providing updated news on the 'next step' in wireless communications. Based on the premise that the competitive future of the wireless industry will have less to do with phone calls and text messages than it will with advanced data services delivered over lighting-fast broadband networks, this site and associated newsletter are provided by Steve Jones, an independent wireless marketing consultant.

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Featured January 2002:

For the start of the new year, we are featuring Wireless World Forum, also known as W2F. This site aims to provide "competitive market intelligence for the wireless industry." News features, wireless information, statistics, data, market news, discussion & the Vision newsletter are free. W2F also publishes marketing surveys, and for a yearly fee you get access to a wide variety of marketing information such as which companies are selling to which other companies, executive profiles and contact information, etc. Looks like a smart way to cut some of the risk in the very competitive wireless marketplace! You can check them out by clicking on the logo below:

Editor's Note: As of 2007, this website has been renamed Mobile Youth, and now focuses on "Understanding Mobile Youth Culture since 2001".

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Featured December 2001:

This month we are featuring New Wave Instruments, Inc. New Wave Instruments has been the leading manufacturer of spread spectrum and PN sequence (PRBS) generators for over a decade. These generators, which support both DSSS and FHSS spread spectrum, are used in laboratories, factories, and universities around the world for spread spectrum and CDMA research, product development, and system test. Models range from a convenient 16-stage desktop generator, to a dual 32-stage rack-mount generator with GPIB capability. Check out these neat "toys" by clicking on the logo below:

NewWave logo

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Featured November 2001:

Our featured website for November is The DSP Store. Launched in June 2001, this UK-based wireless/DSP on-line database offers extensive search and selection facilities, 'at-a-glance' product comparisons, and links to vendor sites. It's aimed at the software and hardware design community, and includes algorithms, components, software, distributors, consultants, training opportunities, books, and articles covering the entire global wireless/DSP marketplace. The site allows engineers and companies to input content directly, making it somewhat of a user forum and ensuring that components and events are as up to date as the companies sponsoring them want them to be.

The site has a flash front page and requires registration and login, which is somewhat of a pain, but hey, it's free, and with a fast internet connection the wait is well worth it. We've spent some time cruising around this very slickly designed site, and there's a lot of information up already. Some of the heavy hitters in the wireless industry are included, such as Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Signals and Software, and Hyperception. We expect this site to be a valuable resource for all of us in the next several years.

For an introductory tour, click on the puzzle piece below:

DSP Store Logo

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Featured March 2001:

Our featured website for March is The 3G Portal. This UK-based information treasurehouse is " the Community center for the 3G Industry" and offers news, stats, apps, resources, jobs, links, newsletters, and more.

You can go there by clicking on the logo below:

3G Mini Logo

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Featured February 2001:

This month, we are featuring ITtoolbox Wireless. ITtoolbox Wireless offers forums for technical discussion, an integrated directory, white papers and daily news geared towards Wireless professionals and users of Wireless products. The portal also provides content, community, job postings and much more.

This site also offers newsletters, and focuses on news in the wireless industry. Give them a try! Just click on the logo below:

ITtoolbox Wireless logo

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Featured January 2001:

This first month of the new millenium, we are featuring The EE Compendium -- the home of Electronic Engineering and Embedded Systems Programming. This very interesting and well-done site has lots of interesting information for professional electronics engineers, students, and hobbyists. While much of it is a compendium of information available on the Web, it also contains many interesting reviews, opinions, projects, and code snippets created by Randy Rasa, the site's owner.

To take a look, click on the logo below:

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