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  Battery & Power Supply Design Considerations
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One of the most important considerations of any RF/Wireless design is where the power is going to come from. If you're working on a wired product, this is not of course a problem. But many of the devices we are asked to design have to be very small in size, stingy with power useage, and have a battery that lasts a very long time. These all put major constraints on the design! On this page, we are providing some links and information related to this important consideration.

Of course, batteries are used in all manner of things, including some very big applications like cars, solar / wind energy arrays, home power, and more -- battery technology is an extremely exciting area these days! We have covered a bit of everything in the links below.



Articles, Papers, and App Notes
Reference Books on Battery Technology
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Articles, Papers, and App Notes

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Reference Books on Batteries and Power Sources

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Battery Technology Resources

Article from Electronic Design on Finding the Right Battery

Panasonic Design Note on battery selection for power supplies

Battery Selection Guide, a basic primer from major battery supplier Battery-Pro.Net.

Alternative Energy Battery Technology — News and Information about Batteries and Electricity Storage Technology.

Wikipedia Article on batteries, a good layman's primer

ABT: Advanced Battery Technology news site

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