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  • EETUTOR, San Jose is offering a new short course entitled "Digital Wireless, Enabling Technologies," June 13-17, 1994. For more information or to register, call: 408-268-6891 or Fax: 408-927-6880. Guess who is giving the SS portion of this course? The five day course will spend one day on each of the following topics:
    • Digital Communication
    • Spread Spectrum
    • Antennas/ Propagation
    • Microwave/RF IC Design
    • Mobile Satellite Services

  • Besser Associates will offer three short courses in August at prices affordable even for budget-oriented small businesses and individuals. In addition to recently developed 5-day "Wireless System Design," and the 2-day " Statistical Design Techniques for High-Yield Manufacturing," the popular 3-day "RF Circuit Fundamentals" will also be presented during the weeks beginning August 22 and 29, at Los Altos, California. Instructors are recognized technical experts in their fields; they use training methods that are practical, "hands-on" type, minimizing mathematics, esoteric theories and derivations. For more information and registration , call:415-949-3300 or FAX 415-949-4400. Randy Roberts is giving the SS portion of the Wireless course.

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