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Volume 3 - Number 1 -- April - May, 1994

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Rumors & Ramblings News about upcoming short courses on SS 4
Editorial SSS Second Anniversary! A recap of the second year of SSS's operation. 5
How Much Should a Patent Application Cost? Inventors seeking to obtain patent protection for the first time generally have little idea of either the requirements of the patent laws, how much it should cost to obtain a patent, or how to select a patent attorney. This article by Patent Attorney Curtis Harrington provides some tips. 6
Ham Hopper Project In this introduction we will give some background information, a preliminary specification for the Ham Hopper-1 and block diagrams for both the transmitter and receiver sections. Future articles in this series will provide complete construction, operation and software/ protocol development information. 9
Washington Scene Information on FCC's reconsideration of its second report and order on PCS, and NTIA's (National Telecommunications Industry Association) request to free up an additional 50 Mhz of government-owned frequency spectrum between 2.3 and 2.4 GHz 13
LAN/WAN Products Listing of LAN/WAN Manufacturers and Vendors. 14
The GRE GINA: A Product Review The GRE GINA series of 915 MHz SS radios has been on the market a couple of years now. These workhorse, inexpensive radios provide solid performance at medium data rates for a variety of LAN/WAN or industrial applications. 15

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