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  The Future of Spread Spectrum
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Table of Contents

  The Future of Spread Spectrum  
  Our Agenda  
  SS Technology Background  
  SS Technology Segments  
  WLANs Today & Tomorrow  
  WLAN Performance & Problems  
  More on WLANs  
  WLANs - Home Networks  
  Position Location, etc.  
  Proprietary Systems  
  Three Future SS Examples  
  CDC Position Location System  
  5 GHz Wireless ISP Technology  
  Distance Measurement / IVHS  
  Summary & Predictions  

What: A Technical Briefing on The Future of Spread Spectrum

Who: Randy Roberts, Director, RF/Spread Spectrum Consulting

Where: the RF Design98 Expo in San Jose, California

When: Wednesday, October 21, 1998

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