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SSS Hardware Spotlight

On this page, we feature various hardware suppliers, developers, or specific ICs and tools. Check back with us periodically to see what's new!

View Past Hardware Spotlight Archive

Featured March 2001:

This month we are featuring Xemics, a fabless semiconductor company which develops and delivers ultra low-power, short-range wireless connectivity solutions. Their ICs include wireless, bluetooth, and GPS chips; microcontrollers; sensor conditioning ICs; audio ICs, intellectual property products, development tools, and custom-specific ICs for high volume applications. We've tried some of their chips, and not only are they neat products, Xemics provides great product support!

To visit their website, click on the logo below:

Editor's Note: Xemics was bought out by Semtech. The link below will now take you to the most current version of the XE chips.

1998 and Before Features

On 8/18/98 we spotlighted Microwaves & RF's "" -- Wireless Products and Design Information Site -- VERY Useful, try it!

Editor's Note: as of January 2004, this company no longer exists, and the site name has been taken over by an employment board.

Microwaves & RF -

We last spotlighted Oplink Communications, Inc. -- Manufacturer and Developer of Infrared Wireless Data and Networking Products.

Click on their Icon below for more Information:


We recently spotlighted Speedcom Wireless -- Wireless Data, Voice and Networking Products.

Click on their Icon below for more Information:

Speedcom wireless

We recently spotlighted RF Solutions, Inc. -- Even though they are a competing RF & SS Consulting company, they have announced a neat new 2.4 GHz WLAN radio using the AMI chipset.

Editor's Note: As of 1/16/04, this company does not appear to exist.

RF Solutions, Inc.

We spotlighted Scenix Semiconductor, Inc. -- They have announced a 50 Mips PIC-like microcontroller!! Click on their Icon below for more Information.

Editor's Note: Scenix has been purchased by Ubicon. The link below will now take you to the Ubicon home page.

SCENIX's Home Page

We recently spotlighted Digital Transmission Systems, Inc. -- They offer some very nice SS radios -- take a look!

Editor's Note: This company appears to have been bought out by Symicron Products, Inc. DTSX products are still available as of November 2008. Click on the Icon below to go to the Symicron products page:


We recently spotlighted Wilke Technology GmBH -- They have introduced the "TINY Tiger" BASIC microprocessor module for high speed, multi-tasking embedded control applications. Click on their Icon below for more Information:

Wilke Technology

Wilke Technology's Home Page

TINY Tiger™ computer modules come with all these features out of the box:
  • 128K FLASH for program and data storage
  • 32K / 128K SRAM with standby input
  • 4 A/D channels, 8 / 10 / 12 bits
  • 2 PWM outputs
  • 2 x serial supporting up to 153 kBaud
  • Real-time clock (128K SRAM version)
  • Universal I/Os, expansion bus, watchdog
Programming the TINY Tiger™ is easy and convenient.
  TINY Tiger

We recently spotlighted Eagle Eye Technologies -- They are trying to build wrist watch sized satellite terminals for tracking children and other small objects! Click on their Icon below for more Information:

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye Technology's Home Page

Earlier we spotlighted Pacific Monolithics -- They produce some excellent RFIC products!

Click on their Icon below for more Information:


Earlier we spotlighted ECLIPTEK -- They produce some fine cystal, crystal oscillator and TCXO / VCXO products!

Click on their Icon below for more Information:

ECLIPTEK's Home Page

ECLIPTEK's Crystal index

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