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Ham Radio is a great hobby! I got my start in electronics from an interest in Ham Radio at age 12. Today there is something for EVERYBODY in Ham Radio -- from computers, software, packet, EME, Meteor Scatter, VHF, UHF, Microwave, FM, Repeaters plus much, much more. If you like a bargain, try E-Bay and its associate for some great deals on a wide variety of stuff -- it's like a candy store for Hams! Enjoy the resources presented here and have fun with this great hobby!

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Download Public Domain Ham Radio Software from SSS Online

Download Arbitrary Transmission Line Calculator (for electrical transmission lines)
-- lots of tutorial and other info at this site, software is for UNIX or Linux and has freely available source code.


Some interesting and informative Ham Radio Links to explore:

Find electronics at eBay

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Amateur Radio Spread Spectrum Links:

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Some Links to Amateur Radio FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
and their Answers:

  1. FAQs Org: Radio FAQs Index
  2. FAQs Related to Old Time Radio
  3. FCC's Amateur page
  4. Yahoo's Ham FAQ Index
  5. Digital Communication's Amateur Radio FAQ
  6. Amsat's Amateur Radio Satellite FAQs

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Information on Short Wave Listening (SWL)

  1. EURO-TX 5.2 - THE Database of International Broadcast Transmissions to EUROPE on Short wave
  2. Radio Amateurs of Canada website
  3. DX-Antwerp Home Page
  4. Airwaves Media, Airwaves Radio Journal
  5. Radio Scanning Resources
  6. Benelux DX Club - SWL
  7. Monitoring Times
  8. FCC Frequency Band Plan and Allocations
  9. US Allocation of Radio Spectrum
  10. Number Stations
  11. Free Radio (Pirate Radio) Stations
  12. MIT's Radio Locator, the most comprehensive radio station search engine on the internet
  13. Shuttle Audio Retransmission on HF by WA3NAN -- note: this link is currently not working. For an explanation, see Why WA3NAN is not on the air, dated December 2001.
  14. AR8000 EEPROM Programming
  15. Phone line as SWL antenna and here
  16. Handy Shortwave Frequency Chart here and here
  17. Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta: Phonetic Alphabets (revised)
  18. RTTY-FAX stuff
  19. TRS Consultants. Software for shortwave listening.
  20. Lowe Electronics -- specializing in amateur radio equipment, GPS, and receivers for airband radio enthusiasts

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SWL Frequency Lists

  1. Space Shuttle frequencies, including HF ground support
  2. Shuttle Audio Retransmission on HF by WA3NAN -- note: this link is currently not working. For an explanation, see Why WA3NAN is not on the air, dated December 2001.
  3. Marine Communications Information

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Long Wave

  1. The Longwave Home Page -- visit the World of Radio Below 500kHz
  2. Radio Waves below 22Khz -- IK1QFK's Home Page, Exploring ULF-ELF and VLF radio band

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HF FAX Lists

  1. Selected Worldwide Weather Facsimile Broadcasts, 1993
  2. Time schedule for receiving Satellite pictures on LF-MF-HF, 1994
  3. Facsimile Weather Stations, 1993
  4. FAX stations around the world
  5. HF-FAX List - March 1994

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Old Time Radio

  1. The American Museum of Radio and Electricity
  2. Jim Hawkins' Radio Room
  3. Old Time Radio (OTR) Page and Old Time Radio (OTR) Online Sorted by thread
  4. Gerard's Radio Collection
  5. Phil's Old Radios
  6. Boatanchors FAQ
  7. FAQ: Old Time Radio (OTR)

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  1. Introduction to Scanning
  2. Scanning Reference
  3. Scanner FAQ -
  4. ANARC Club List
  5. N2VKG Scanning References
  6. Radio-Locator — the most comprehensive radio station search engine on the internet, with links to over 10,000 radio station web pages and over 2500 audio streams from radio stations in the U.S. and around the world.
  7. Popular Communications, POPCOMM
  8. US Scanning Laws, Rules and Regulations (1996)
  9. Mobile Scanner and Radar Detector laws in the U.S., By Todd L. Sherman/KB4MHH
  10. FCC Frequency Band Plan and Allocations
  11. FCC License Data Sources
  12. Trunked Radio Information

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Other WWW Sites

  • FCC Federal Communications Commission

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FTP Servers

FTP server at FUNET.

Various radio FTP sites, including the QRZ Anonymous FTP server.

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