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Number 3 -- August 5, 1998

Whats New at SSS and in the World of SS, RF and Wireless

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SSS Online -- Still Improving & Simplifying Independent Partner
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We are still very busy making changes here at SSS Online. We strive to improve our "look and feel" and simplifiy your navigation around our site. We have recently adopted the idea that SSS Online should become an Internet Portal, just like the big boys -- Yahoo, Netscape, Infoseek and

To make the Portal concept work we took the "look and feel" visual design of Yahoo and "improved" upon it, for our use. We re-vamped our Home Page to sort of look like Yahoo's Home Page. Of course, we used our content, links, logos and icons in this new look. We tried to make this "SSS Online Front Door" load rapidly and be clean, simple to use, easy to understand and quick to learn (it's almost intuitive -- we feel). At 14.4 kbps, the SSS Online Home Page loads in about 13 seconds, now. If you are running 56K, you should be loading it in under 4 seconds!

To support the Portal concept, we also added a series of "Topic" indexes or lists. Again we barrowed from Yahoo's channel idea for our look and feel / user interface to make these new supporting pages do the best job with the least confusion, requiring no new adjustment for most visitors.

As a normal course of running this site we update our pages frequently. Sometimes we do this to eliminate bad links, other times we are simply adding new content. Anyway, we changes, updated or modified over 40 pages in the last two months.

Finally, to complete our remake, we added a set of "Bookmark" pages and a lot of new content. Some of our new pages include:

  1. w-cdma.html -- W-CDMA LInks and Information.

  2. 3g.html -- Third Generation Cellular System (IMTS-2000) Links and information.

  3. db.html -- The Decibel defined.

  4. wlsis.html -- What is Wireless, anyway?

  5. wlsisp.html -- Wireless ISP Links and Information.

  6. /favlinks/lnkindex.html -- One of our New Index Lists showing Topics / Pages of WEB Links.

  7. /games/index.html -- A nice collection of downloadable Game Shareware files.

  8. top_tens.html -- Top WEB Sites / Top Shareware / Top Games

The addition of the shop.html page gives online visitors the opportunity to not only shop at our Online Store, purchase our "SSS Online CD ROM," shop any of several Online Shopping Malls including and find bargians galore, but also to buy books from (another SSS Online affiliation) or from our soon to open SSS Online Bookstore. Please see our SSS Online Shopping Page for more information or to shop Online.

Spread Spectrum Scene Online magazine will continue to add features and interesting / useful articles on our high tech subject area for your viewing pleasure. We hope you like our NEW PORTAL look and we encourage you to make us your HOME PAGE in your favorite browser. If you have any suggestions, criticisms or compaints, please don't hesitate to send us an email ( or leave a Comment if you would like to share your thoughts, suggestions or ideas with us on how to improve SSS Online and thus serve you better!


This Page is still under construction

Why NOT Build Your Own SS WLAN?


This Page is still under construction

Wireless ISP Developments

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