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SSS Starts Fourth Year of Publication!

Yes, we made it another year -- but not without some pain and strain! SSS has had to fight to keep our existing subscriber base and even though we offered a nice new subscriber bonus disk to new subscribers, we have been unable to attract a money making following yet! (All new subs and renewals will get the bonus disk until June 1995).

Thus we have been forced to go to a quarterly publication schedule and thin down on our advertising. We are therefore cutting our available advertising space to the bone. We will accept only advertising from non-RF/SS competitors and only from vendors with the highest level of quality products/services for the Wireless Industry. In the past it seems that advertising has been more trouble than it's worth, what with trying to collect on overdue 30 day accounts (a standard in the publishing business) and competing on a cost per thousand readers basis. Anyway -- we will probably eventually become an essentially technical only journal and hopefully you, our dear readers, will enjoy SSS even more!

"Vapor" Products, Intellectual Property Rights and Other Timely Gripes

I cannot believe the acceleration of "vapor" product announcements in our industry. We get a lot of new product announcements and press releases, some of which are about real, readily available products. But, I would say that the legitimate ones are less than 25% of the total. This is not a software industry or an industry based on what will be available next year!

The Wireless Industry is based on solid products which fill solid niches and perform a needed function while generating company profits. Where is this industry going? Why do we seem to tolerate such irresponsible product announcement and product advertising practices?

Perhaps in the rush to capture market share, we are tempted to exaggerate just a little too much. Perhaps in order to get a leg up on the competition we get excited and claim a little bit too much. Perhaps we forget that design engineers, product developers and system designers need products and services today in order to design tomorrow's Wireless products.

I say: Buyer Beware, in response to what I see! You the buyers, users and consumers of these products ultimately determine survival in this marketplace. Choose your vendors and new parts or tools carefully.

On intellectual property rights, do you know if the product(s) you are buying are "clean?" By clean, I mean free from patent infringement problems or use designs that have been paid for. Recent experiences have shown us that many small companies rip off consulting companies like us and continue to sell our designs without ever paying for them. While not widespread in this industry yet, this practice makes many products highly suspect. I cannot name names without being sued, but many of you could be affected by disreputable small companies like this. I suggest that you evaluate the technologies used in any new product and the design capability of the vendor, as well as checking with Dun and Bradstreet as well as the BBB about any new small company offering.

This industry is finally maturing. More and more, other publications are taking notice of "The Wireless Explosion" and covering our turf with lots of new useful information. I think it's great that "big" magazines have finally discovered Spread Spectrum and are covering some of the necessary technologies. It's about time! But as always, even articles in IEEE journals, though professionally reviewed, can contain misleading or incomplete information about this subject area. We are not The only Keeper of Knowledge about SS, but we try to provide useful information to our working readership that is complete, accurate and timely. Stay with us for more in our Fourth Year!

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