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Editor's Note

James Vincent is certainly showing the direction of future SS R&D -- from the prestigious university and corporate R & D labs to the home workshop. We are proud to be able to bring this excellent article.

Since hindsight is available to us, we would like to point out the one weakness in the design presented. In our opinion the "Synchronous Oscillator" concept and its implementation presented here is overly complicated, uses critical, hand tuned components and required too much "tweaking."

We suggest using the VCO section of a 74HC4046B, or similar, IC followed by a simple divide by 2 built from a 74HC74. This suggested implementation overcomes many of the difficulties it is possible to encounter with a "Synchronous Oscillator" and provides similar performance, without a lot of "touchiness" in adjustment.

Ten years ago, the "synchronous oscillator" technique was OK, now it's just a "Kluge!"

Please write or FAX any comments, questions or experiences you have with James Vincent's circuitry to him via SSS.

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