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Winter 1994 Issue?

Here it is! We finally got this out. In spite of very wet weather, colds / flu, a short (and well deserved) vacation and being very busy, we managed to put out a combined Oct. thru Dec. 1994 issue (= Winter). Sorry about that!

Look for us at the RF EXPO in San Diego at the end of January. We will be sharing a booth and handing out sample issues.

Look for a simpler, smoother and more readable look in our next issue -- due out about February 15.

Major changes have been going on with the Ham Hopper. Recent meeting of ARSS have led us to scrap the 50 MHz transverter output from the basic unit and go direct at 425 MHz. If anyone wants another band, frequency conversion will still be an option. New chips from RF Micro-Devices make possible an extremely inexpensive, simple design for "direct" digital FSK at 425 MHz. It looks like the "Ham Hopper-2" will hop over up to 10 MHz, centered at 425 MHz. The new design will be featured in the next issue -- look for it!

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