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SSS Online in 2001 and Beyond

November 11, 2001

A Year of Changes, with More to Come

Since Pegasus Technologies took over management of Spread Spectrum Scene in October 21, 2000, we have made many changes to the look and feel of the site.

As we reported last year, we launched a major renovation of the site to update old information, repair broken links, and make it even better than before! Our first phase involved changing contact information on key pages and becoming familiar with the contents of this very large site. We completed that phase just before Christmas, 2000.

The second phase involved a complete site reorganization and the addition of a new navigation scheme to make it easier to find subjects on the site (you can read all about this in our Navigation Help page). We completed this task the end of January 2001, and now all the pages are sorted into 16 different sections, or Topics, each with its own menu page that lists included pages and related subjects.

We are still working on the third phase - going through each section, updating pages that have not yet been renovated, and reformatting them to match our new structure. This has been a lengthy process. We are pleased to report that as of November 11, we have finished all the topical menus; twelve of the sixteen sections are completely redone; and a number of pages in each of the other four sections have been updated as well. If all goes according to plan (which almost never happens) we should complete the basic update by the end of February 2002.

While working hard to update the site, we have continued bringing you new information. We've added a number of new pages and features, published three issues of the SSS Online Ezine, and have added substantial new content to existing pages. For a complete listing, see our new Change Directory.

We are also trying to improve the load time on the site, by splitting longer pages into two or more separate pages and by changing our menu bar away from Java, which doesn't load well on many people's systems.

Over the next several months, we hope to finish the renovation and be able to devote all our web work to bringing you new content. However, we have to intersperse work on the website with our regular consulting assignments, and this may mean that work proceeds in fits and spurts. If you have ideas of topics that you'd like to see on the site, please let us know! We're here to serve you, and want to make this site your primary RF/SS/Wireless resource.

If you have an article on an interesting technical subject that you would like to publish in SSS Online, please send an email to .

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